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Highlights for this week...

  • Marcus Eaton on Wednesday, May 18 2005 @ 4:00pm
  • Edwin McCain on Wednesday, May 18 2005 @ 5:00 pm
  • Debra Arlyn on Friday, May 27 2005 @ 5:00pm
  • Demimonde Slumber Party on Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 3:00pm
  • Android Ethic on Friday, Jun 3 2005 @ 5:00pm
  • The Perverts on Friday, Jun 17 2005 @ 7:00pm
  • Robert Deeble on Friday, Jul 29 2005 @ 5:45pm
  • Levator on Friday, Jul 29 2005 @ 5:00pm

The entire catalog of the following artist will be on sale through next Tuesday (5/24/2005).

  • System Of A Down

The following artists are currently on tour and coming through our area. In support CD World is placing all titles by these artists on sale from now until 3 weeks after their show.

  • Eaton Marcus & Lobby
  • Frisell Bill
  • Joseph Jerry
  • Juliette And The Licks
  • Legg Adrian
  • McCain Edwin
  • Paul Ellis

Adams Ryan & Cardinals - Cold Roses ($12.99) [Sent reeling by the one-two punch Conor Oberst's Bright Eyes delivered with I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Digital Ash In A Digital Urn, Ryan Adams vowed to strike back in 2005 with three of his own releases. The first--a double album, no less--sees the attention-seeking former Whiskeytown singer casting off both the raucous guitars of 2003's Rock N Roll and the rainy-day ballads of the same year's Love Is Hell in favor of the more introspective moments and rustic textures of 2000's Heartbreaker. He's snuck in at least one epic with 'Meadowlake Street' and one potential radio hit with the twangy 'Let It Ride,' while the rest of the set is mostly packed with bleary-eyed laments that feel all too mannered after spending the last few years revealing his naked pop ambition in full. No doubt Adams will make up for it with the next one.]

Matthews Dave - Stand Up ($12.99) [Don't let the headless CGI dancer on the cover fool you. While Stand Up has a more organic feel than 2001's radio-ready Everyday, it is hardly an invocation for carefree days spent twirling on the grass. Instead it is a call to arms that carries over much of the insurrectionary spirit the Dave Matthews Band brought to 2004's Vote For Change Tour. Matthews, sounding rawer than ever, swerves between optimism ('To change the world you only start with one step,' he sings on 'You Might Die Trying') and angst ('See the man with the bomb in his hand/Everybody wake up,' goes 'Everybody Wake Up [Our Finest Hour Arrives]'), while producer Mark Baston, best known for his small-time work with big-name pop acts like Beyonce and 50 Cent, responds by putting the marching band rhythms of Carter Beauford in the front and galvanizing the music with a crisp R&B edge, most evident in the totally--okay, partially--crunk 'Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd.]

Morrison Van - Magic Time ($11.99) [Like a human infusion of chamomile tea, hearing Van Morrison's voice has the ability to instantly to soothe even the most stressed listener. That said, some of his releases have been so sedentary that they muted the '60s soul influences that had been a part of Van's joyful appeal. Not so with Magic Time, a wonderful balance of groove and smoothness, with a 'live off the floor' feel evident throughout the disc. Right off the top, 'Stranded' shows Van at his crooner best; relaxed, present, and joyful. 'Celtic New Year' comes next, with a very Astral Weeks feel, leading one to believe that this disc might be sedentary through and throughuntil 'Keep Mediocrity at Bay' kicks in, a feisty blues romp that shows that in his sixties, Morrison still has the sass of his best previous days.]

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth ($12.99) [trent reznor comes back with yet another masterpiece. this album is great from start to finish. reznor has never disappointed me before and he continues to blow me away with his ideas and talent. the album is filled with emotion and anger, and the lyrics are great. any NIN fan should go and pick this one up right now because it is amazing! another great album from the twisted mind of trent reznor. ]

Plant Robert / Strange Sensation - Mighty Rearranger ($14.99) [In the weeks leading up to this album's release, Robert Plant was the unlikely hit at the South By Southwest music festival, delivering such a scorching set with his band the Strange Sensation rockers a quarter of his age simply got back on their planes and went home without playing a note. This can most likely be attributed to the fact that, unlike most his classic rock peers, Plant has rarely settled since moving on from the Led Zeppelin behemoth. Over the course of eight solo albums, he's experimented with doo-wop, synth-pop and even drum'n' bass. But it's only at 56 that the Golden God is hitting his stride. On 'Tin Pan Valley,' he sings, 'My peers may flirt with cabaret/ Some fake the rebel yell/ Me, I'm moving up higher ground/ I must escape their hell.' Mighty Rearranger draws out the best qualities of his otherworldly voice, surrounding it with rich Middle Eastern textures, soft blues accents and gorgeous psychedelic swooshes. It's in keeping with the spirit of 2002's exotic and lush Dreamland, only it sounds more refined.]

System Of A Down - Mezmerize ($12.99) [This is amazing! System of a Down never stop making incredible music. Even Steal This Album! was pretty good considering that album was made up of songs that weren't 'good enough' for their other CD's. The first song I heard by them was Chop Suey! and after that I was hooked. Their self-titled album was awesome and so was Toxicity. Now, we've got Mezmerize. Definitley different from their previous stuff (Not in a bad way though), this album stuck to me right after I had heard Soldier Side- Intro. Every song is unique in its own way. ]

New Releases This Week
(Rock & Pop) Morrison Van Magic Time
(Rock & Pop) System Of A Down Mezmerize
(Country) Pinson Bobby Man like me
(Country) Keith Toby Honkytonk University
(Folk) Thompson Richard Live from Austin Texas
(Soundtracks) Various Artists American Idol 4
(Rock & Pop) Terror Lowest Of The Low
(Rock & Pop) Forecast Late Night Conversations
(Rock & Pop) Epoxies Stop The Future
(Rock & Pop) Bane Note
(Country tributes) Shaver Billy Joe Tribute To Billy Joe Shaver - Live
(Metal / Goth ) Red Chord Clients
(Rap) Memphis Bleek 534
(Rock & Pop) Mercury Rev Secret Migration
(Rock & Pop) Def Leppard Rock Of Ages
A complete list of recent releases can be found on our website.

New Releases Due Out 5/24/2005
(Rock & Pop) Hem Rabbit songs
(Jazz) Zenon Miguel Jibaro
(Rock & Pop) Youth Group Skeleton Jar
(Newage) Sayama Sacred healing waters
(Celtic-British Isles) Old Blind Dogs Play Live
(Kids) Disney Mousercise
(Kids) Disney Disneys Beach Party Albums
(Africa) Masekela Hugh Revival
(Jazz) Beasley Walter For Her
(Bass collections) Professors Of Funk Greatest Funkin Hits
(Blues) Cray Robert Twenty
(Rock & Pop) Dickinson Bruce Tyranny of souls
(Jazz) Jones Hank For my Father
(Jazz) Simone Nina Let it be me
(Jazz) Baker Chet Love for sale
New Releases Due Out 5/31/2005
(Techno) Various Artists Opium Garden Miami Beach
(Techno) DJ Cer House You
(Metal / Goth ) Defleshed Reclaim the beat
(Rock & Pop) Small Faces Autumn Stone (Reis) (Dig)
(Rock & Pop) Funkadelic Hardcore Jollies (Reis)
(Rock & Pop) Funkadelic Uncle Jam Wants You (Reis)
(Rock & Pop) Blasters 4 11 44
(Rock & Pop) Sinay Jason Jason Sinay Band
(Metal / Goth ) Flyleaf EP
(Jazz) Alpert Herb & Tijuana Brass Going places
(Jazz) Alpert Herb & Tijuana Brass What now my love
(Jazz) Alpert Herb & Tijuana Brass SRO
(Rock & Pop) Levellers Truth and Lies
(Rock & Pop) Bjork Army of Me: Remixes & Covers
(Soundtracks) Soundtrack Deep Blue
A complete list of upcoming releases can be found on our website.

Recent DVD Releases For Past 3 Weeks
(Folk) Williams Lucinda Live from Austin Texas
(Folk) Thompson Richard Live from Austin Texas
(Rock & Pop) Son Volt Live from Austin Texas
(Rock & Pop) Gabriel Peter Growing up on tour
(Rap) Basement TV Basement TV Vol 1
(Rock/Pop collections) Various Artists Live from Bonnaroo 2004
(Rock & Pop) Presley Elvis Elvis by the Presleys
(Rock & Pop) Sex Pistols Great Rock N Roll Swindle
(Rock & Pop) X Live In Los Angeles
(Rock & Pop) Flaming Lips Fearless Freaks
(Rock/Pop collections) Various Artists Strat Pack -50th anniversary
(Rock & Pop) Bowie David Black Tie White Noise
(Rock & Pop) Healey Jeff Band Live at Montreux 1999
(Jazz) Various Artists Live at Montreux 1994
(Rock & Pop) Pretty Things SF Sorrow At Abbey Road
(Classical) Westenra Hayley Live from New Zealand
(Rock & Pop) Osmond Donny Live at Edinburgh
A complete list of upcoming releases can be found on our website.

New DVD-Audio And Super Audio CDs
CD World stocks both the new SACD as well as the DVD-Audio formats. If you are new to these audio technologies they are worth taking a look at. Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) is a proprietary format requiring a special player and offers the highest quality 24 bit audio playback currently available in prerecorded music. DVD-Audio is a similiar technology that is playable on *most* standard DVD players. Recordings on DVD-Audio are often availble in 2-channel, DTS, and multi-channel playback modes. Here are some recent SACD and DVD-Audio releases we have got in. We have a huge selection of these, and other titles available. Stop by and ask us about them or visit our website for more info.

(SACD CD's) Carmignola/Marcon/Venice Vivaldi: Concerto Veneziano
(SACD CD's) Dorati/London Symphony Orch Enescu: Enescu/Liszt Rhapsodies
(SACD CD's) Brendel Alfred Mozart: Piano Sonatas
(SACD CD's) Janis/Kondrashin Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto 1
(SACD CD's) Starker/Dorati/London Symp Orch Dvorak: Cello concerto
(SACD CD's) Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra Balalaika favorites
(SACD CD's) Kaori Muraji Transformations
(SACD CD's) Fennell/Eastman Wind Ensemble Screamers - Marches by Goldman & Others
(DVD Audio & 5.1 CD's) Porcupine Tree Deadwing
(SACD CD's) Various Artists War Of The Worlds
(SACD CD's) Olatunji Babtunde Circle Of Drums
A complete list of upcoming DVD and SACD releases can be found on our website.

ISIS Listening Station Program
The ISIS Listening Station Program is a retail sales/marketing company that exposes new and developing artists to a core customer base of rabid new music buyers. Since 1995, ISIS has worked with over 250 major and independent record labels to feature their new releases in select tastemaker independent retailers via listening stations.

CD World has not one, but two! Isis listening stations in our store. Next time you are in our store it is worth a few minutes to hear what Isis has to offer this month, sometimes there are some very unique titles available that you probably won't hear anywhere else. Here is what is available for preview this week...

(Rock & Pop) Academy Is Almost here
(Rock & Pop) Aqualung Strange and beautiful
(Rock & Pop) Circa Survive Juturna
(Rock & Pop) Costello Elvis King of America
(Rap) D-Moe yayo, Paso, Dineros
(Rock & Pop) Desol Follow the Sun
(Rock & Pop) Discover America Psychology
(Techno) DJ Sneak House of Om presents: DJ Sneak
(Rock & Pop) Everything But The Girl Adapt or die: Ten Years of Remixes
(Rock & Pop) Feist Let it die
(Rock & Pop) Kings Of Leon Aha shake heartbreak
(Rock & Pop) Lee Amos Amos Lee
(Rap) Living Legends Classic
(Rock & Pop) Maktub Say what you mean
(Techno) MIA Arular
(Techno) Nostalgia 77 Garden
(Rock & Pop) Of Montreal Sunlandic Twins
(Rock & Pop) Porcupine Tree Deadwing
(Rock & Pop) Shimmer Shimmer
(Rock & Pop) Smoke or Fire Above the city
(Soundtracks) Soundtrack Sprout
(Rock & Pop) Starflyer 59 Talking voice vs singing voice
(Techno) Various Artists Midnight Soul / Various
(Rock & Pop) Weather Calling up my bad side

World Drum
Below is a list of some of our featured titles in our current issue of World Drum. If you are not familiar with World Drum it is our newsletter we put out every six weeks. Dozens of releases are featured every issue. All featured titles are available to preview in one of our many listening stations located in our store, and are specially sale priced. Stop by and pick up our latest issue of World Drum, or better yet, have us mail it to your home free of charge every month just by signing up.

(Rock & Pop) Fantomas Suspended Animation
(Techno) Farina DJ Mark Mushroom Jazz 5
(Rock & Pop) Gratitude Gratitude
(Rock & Pop) Guthrie Sarah Lee & Johnny Irion Exploration
(Rock & Pop) Himmelman Peter Imperfect World
(Rock & Pop) Idol Billy Devils Playground
(Metal / Goth ) Into The Moat Design
(Rock & Pop) Jars Of Clay Redemption Songs
(Rock & Pop) Johnson Jack In between dreams
(Rock & Pop) Kaddisfly Buy Our Intention; Well buy you a unicorn
(Rock & Pop) Kasabian Kasabian
(Rap) Krayzie Bone Gemini: Good vs evil
(Africa) Ladysmith Black Mambazo No boundaries
(Comedy) Larry The Cable Guy Right to bare arms
(Rock & Pop) Lee Amos Amos Lee
A complete list of the featured titles in the current World Drum can be found on our website.

Local Artists CD World has always been a supporter of our local artists. Below are a few local artists that have been of particular interest to our customers. We usually have a preview copy available of our local artist recordings. You can find our location artist section located near the front counter at our store.

(Local artists) Pink Martini Hang On Little Tomato
(Local artists) Pink Martini Sympathique
(Local artists) McKinney Brent Steep Hill - Fund raiser for Brent McKinney
(Local artists) Marquez Jessie Sana Locura
(Local artists) Misty River Willow
(Local artists) Northwest Royale Nosebleed Section
(Local artists) Ahimsa Theory Ahimsa Theory
(Local artists) Neal Dan When the Big Picture Fades
(Local artists) Misty River Rising
(Local artists) Android Ethic Inertia
(Local artists) Misty River Live at the Backgate Stage
(Local artists) Cheeseburgers Patio Dance
(Local artists) Eleven Eyes Depth Perception
(Local artists) Koozies Keep It Cool
(Local artists) Pepe & Bottle Blondes Late Night Betty
(Local artists) Ryan Walker T Underdog American Music
(Local artists) Amundson Monti Big Monti
(Local artists) Anbot Rodroid Cyputer Comborgs
(Local artists) Cutean Brian Hearthearthearth
(Local artists) Demimonde Slumber Party Green

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System Of A Down
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System Of A Down
Mezmerize (edited)
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Local Concert Listing Below is a list of concerts that we are selling tickets for. Be sure to stop by or call for availability on tickets.

5/18/2005 MC Chris WOW Hall
5/19/2005 Tech N9ne WOW Hall
5/23/2005 Mae WOW Hall
5/24/2005 Emery WOW Hall
5/25/2005 Benevent/Russo Duo WOW Hall
5/29/2005 Of Montreal WOW Hall
5/31/2005 Gossip WOW Hall
6/2/2005 E-40 & Bosko The Jungle
6/9/2005 Built to Spill WOW Hall

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