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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 6/17/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104851465  USED6/17/2018  AbbaGreatest Hits$5.00
11104852025  USED6/17/2018  Afghan WhigsBlack Love$5.95
11104843515  USED6/17/2018  Atkins ChetChet$3.00
11104823415  USED6/17/2018  AYERS ROYLET'S DO IT (UK)$3.00
11104833755  USED6/17/2018  Bee GeesSpirits Having Flown$3.00
11104832995  USED6/17/2018  Belafonte HarryAn Evening With Belafonte$3.00
11104832775  USED6/17/2018  Belafonte HarryAt Carnegie Hall$3.00
11104833005  USED6/17/2018  Belafonte HarrySings of the Caribbean$3.00
11104833845  USED6/17/2018  Benson GeorgeIn Your Eyes$3.00
11104833555  USED6/17/2018  Big River / O.C.R.Big River / O.C.R.$3.00
11104824155  USED6/17/2018  Black SorrowsHold on to me$3.00
11104823965  USED6/17/2018  Bland BobbyYou got me lovin you$3.00
11104823985  USED6/17/2018  Bland Bobby BlueI feel good I feel fine$3.00
11104823975  USED6/17/2018  Bland Bobby BlueSweet Vibrations$3.00
11104834985  USED6/17/2018  Boys from IndianaOne More Bluegrass Show$3.00
11104823475  USED6/17/2018  BreadBest Of Vol 2$3.00
11104832685  USED6/17/2018  Browne JacksonJackson Browne$5.00
11104851645  USED6/17/2018  Browne JacksonPretender$3.00
11104851985  USED6/17/2018  BushSixteen Stone$5.95
11104822585  USED6/17/2018  Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid / O.S.Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid / O.S.T.$3.00
11104852015  USED6/17/2018  CakeProlonging the Magic$5.95
11104852115  USED6/17/2018  Camp JeremyBeyond Measure$5.95
11104823115  USED6/17/2018  Canned HeatHistorical Figures & Ancient Heads$3.00
11104822935  USED6/17/2018  Cash Johnny / Jerry Lee LewisSunday Down South$3.00
11104822995  USED6/17/2018  Chamber BrothersTime has come$3.00
11104822555  USED6/17/2018  Cheap TrickAll Shook Up$3.00
11104833245  USED6/17/2018  ChicagoChicago$3.00
11104833875  USED6/17/2018  ChicagoChicago 17$3.00
11104834175  USED6/17/2018  ChicagoChicago II$3.00
11104832865  USED6/17/2018  ChicagoChicago III$3.00
11104832555  USED6/17/2018  ChicagoChicago Transit Authority$5.00
11104823095  USED6/17/2018  ClannadSirius$3.00
11104843825  USED6/17/2018  Cline PatsyPortrait of Patsy Cline$5.00
11104832625  USED6/17/2018  Collins PhilHello I Must Be Going$5.00
11104822435  USED6/17/2018  COODER RYLONG RIDERS - SOUNDTRACK$3.00
11104823265  USED6/17/2018  Country GazetteDon't Give Up Your Day Job$3.00
11104832815  USED6/17/2018  CrusadersFree As the Wind$3.00
11104834145  USED6/17/2018  CrusadersIamges$3.00
11104833595  USED6/17/2018  CrusadersThose Southern Knights$3.00
11104852005  USED6/17/2018  CureWild Mood Swings$5.95
11104842445  USED6/17/2018  Cutting CrewBroadcast$3.00
11104841615  USED6/17/2018  Daniels CharlieHoney on the Rock$3.00
11104841635  USED6/17/2018  Daniels CharlieNightrider$3.00
11104841625  USED6/17/2018  Daniels CharlieTe John Grease & Wolfman$3.00
11104834995  USED6/17/2018  Davis SkeeterBlueberry Hill & Other favorites$3.00
11104842235  USED6/17/2018  DEAF SCHOOLSECOND HONEYMOON$3.00
11104834255  USED6/17/2018  Dean JimmyThe Big Ones$3.00
11104824005  USED6/17/2018  Deems LivingDeems Living$3.00
11104822645  USED6/17/2018  DetectiveDetective$3.00
11104834785  USED6/17/2018  Diamond NeilVelvet Gloves & Spit$3.00
11104851975  USED6/17/2018  Dogtown & Z-Boys / O.S.T. (Dig)Dogtown & Z-Boys / O.S.T. (Dig)$6.95
11104833515  USED6/17/2018  Domingo PlacidoMy Life for a Song$3.00
11104823815  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersBest of Doobie Brothers$3.00
11104835065  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersBest of Doobie Brothers 2$3.00
11104834825  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersLivin' On the Fault Line$3.00
11104834835  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersMinute By Minute$3.00
11104834625  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersMinute By Minute$3.00
11104834815  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersOne Step Closer$3.00
11104834095  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersOne Step Closer$3.00
11104834105  USED6/17/2018  Doobie BrothersOne Step Closer$3.00
11104823335  USED6/17/2018  Dream AcademyDream Academy (Eng)$3.00
11104841525  USED6/17/2018  Dream AcademyRemembrance Days (Ger)$3.00
11104852035  USED6/17/2018  Drowning PoolSinner$5.95
11104850825  USED6/17/2018  Dylan BobStreet Legal$6.95
11104823385  USED6/17/2018  Eager TonesEager Tones$3.00
11104851495  USED6/17/2018  EaglesEagles$5.00
11104832525  USED6/17/2018  Ellis & LynchGent;e Rains$3.00
11104832515  USED6/17/2018  Ellis & LynchLife is You$5.00
11104833185  USED6/17/2018  Emerson Lake & PalmerWorks$3.00
11104833065  USED6/17/2018  Endless Love / VariousEndless Love / Various$3.00
11104823395  USED6/17/2018  F MachineHere comes the 21st Century$3.00
11104851445  USED6/17/2018  Fabulous ThunderbirdsWhat's the Word$5.00
11104822335  USED6/17/2018  FARRENHEITFARRENHEIT$3.00
11104834945  USED6/17/2018  Fender / Gilley & MilsapThat is$3.00
11104835005  USED6/17/2018  Fender FreddyBefore the Next Teardrop Falls$3.00
11104833365  USED6/17/2018  Fender FreddyBest Of$3.00
11104834375  USED6/17/2018  Fender FreddyIf you don't love me$3.00
11104834885  USED6/17/2018  Fender FreddyLet the Good Times Roll$3.00
11104823705  USED6/17/2018  Ferry BryanBoys and Girls$3.00
11104834205  USED6/17/2018  FIELDS W.C.W.C. FIELDS BEST OF$3.00
11104834615  USED6/17/2018  Flack RobertaFirst Take$3.00
11104841875  USED6/17/2018  Flatt & ScruggsFoggy Mountain Breakdown$3.00
11104822355  USED6/17/2018  Fleetwood MacMystery to Me$3.00
11104822835  USED6/17/2018  Flock of SeagullsListen$3.00
11104843675  USED6/17/2018  ForeignerHead Games$5.00
11104841545  USED6/17/2018  FORTUNE SONNYWITH SOUND REASON$3.00
11104833745  USED6/17/2018  Four SeasonsWho Loves You$3.00
11104833735  USED6/17/2018  Fox SamanthaTouch Me$3.00
11104834865  USED6/17/2018  Franklin ArethaGet It Right$3.00
11104823645  USED6/17/2018  Franklin ArethaLike it like you give it$3.00
11104822465  USED6/17/2018  Free AbeeliaEast To West$3.00
11104823515  USED6/17/2018  Friedman KinkyKinky Friedman$3.00
11104822875  USED6/17/2018  Frontier TheoryNo Waltz in the Meadows$3.00
11104834575  USED6/17/2018  Geils JFreeze Frame$3.00
11104833835  USED6/17/2018  Go-Go'sTalk Show$3.00
11104822325  USED6/17/2018  GOLDEN EARRINGSWITCH$3.00
11104822445  USED6/17/2018  Gordon RobertRock Billy Boogie$3.00
11104851605  USED6/17/2018  Grand Funk RailroadLive Album$3.00
11104832415  USED6/17/2018  Grand Funk RailroadLive Album$5.00
11104834745  USED6/17/2018  GRAND FUNK RAILROADMARK DON & MEL 1969-71$3.00
11104832825  USED6/17/2018  GrassrootsTheir Greatest Hits$3.00
11104823765  USED6/17/2018  GrassrootsTheir Greatest Hits$3.00
11104841535  USED6/17/2018  Great American Singing CowboysGreat American Singing Cowboys$3.00
11104834345  USED6/17/2018  Greene JackThere Goes My Everytyhing$3.00
11104834405  USED6/17/2018  Greene JackieGreatest Hits$3.00
11104822915  USED6/17/2018  Gregory DickLiving Black & White$3.00
11104833985  USED6/17/2018  GRINDER SWITCHREDWING$3.00
11104823935  USED6/17/2018  Guess WhoFlavours$3.00
11104842145  USED6/17/2018  Hall & OatesBeauty On a Back Street$3.00
11104822385  USED6/17/2018  Hall & OatesOoh Yeah!$3.00
11104841585  USED6/17/2018  Hall Tom TStoryteller$3.00
11104833815  USED6/17/2018  Hamilton Joe Frank & ReynoldsFallin in love$3.00
11104824105  USED6/17/2018  Hamilton Joe Frank & ReynoldsHamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds$3.00
11104823065  USED6/17/2018  Hammer JanEarly Years$3.00
11104823055  USED6/17/2018  Hammond AlbertFree Electric Band$3.00
11104851965  USED6/17/2018  Hammond JohnWicked Grin$5.95
11104850885  USED6/17/2018  Harrison GeorgeCloud Nine$6.95
11104832615  USED6/17/2018  Hart CoreyYoung Man Running$5.00
11104823895  USED6/17/2018  Hawes HamptonLive at Memory Lane$3.00
11104841925  USED6/17/2018  Head EastDifferent Kind of Crazy$3.00
11104832605  USED6/17/2018  Human LeagueReproduction$5.00
11104841595  USED6/17/2018  Idol BillyWhiplash Smile$3.00
11104848775  USED6/17/2018  IllusionOut of the Mist$3.00
11104834965  USED6/17/2018  InmatesFirst Offence$3.00
11104834975  USED6/17/2018  InmatesFirst Offence$3.00
11104833545  USED6/17/2018  Inner City OSTInner City OST$3.00
11104843725  USED6/17/2018  INTERIOR DESIGN$5.00
11104823885  USED6/17/2018  Island City Jazz BandAt Roche Harbor$3.00
11104841565  USED6/17/2018  It's a Beautiful DayDay at Carnegie Hall$3.00
11104832575  USED6/17/2018  It's A Beautiful DayIt's A Beautiful Day$5.00
11104834605  USED6/17/2018  J GeilsYou're Gettin Even While I'm getting odd$3.00
11104834595  USED6/17/2018  J Geils BandLadies Invited$3.00
11104824065  USED6/17/2018  Jagger MickShe's the Boss$3.00
11104833435  USED6/17/2018  James Bob4$3.00
11104841075  USED6/17/2018  Jarrett KeithKoln Concert$3.00
11104851455  USED6/17/2018  Jarrett KeithKoln Concert$5.00
11104841355  USED6/17/2018  Jay & the AmericansWax Museum - Vol 2$3.00
11104850835  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers$7.95
11104841675  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipModern Times$3.00
11104841415  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104841445  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104833695  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104823785  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104823455  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104823195  USED6/17/2018  Jefferson StarshipRed Octopus$3.00
11104833395  USED6/17/2018  JO MAMAJ IS FOR JUMP$3.00
11104841685  USED6/17/2018  John Elton11-17-70$3.00
11104841475  USED6/17/2018  John EltonHere & There$3.00
11104851555  USED6/17/2018  John EltonMadman Across the Water$5.00
11104841425  USED6/17/2018  John EltonRock Of The Westies$3.00
11104841465  USED6/17/2018  John EltonToo Low For Zero$3.00
11104841485  USED6/17/2018  John EltonTumbleweed Connection$3.00
11104841495  USED6/17/2018  John EltonVictim of Love$3.00
11104841655  USED6/17/2018  JONES GRACEFAME$3.00
11104833855  USED6/17/2018  Joplin ScottPiano Rags$3.00
11104834935  USED6/17/2018  Jordan StanleyMagic Touch$3.00
11104833455  USED6/17/2018  JULES & THE POLAR BEARSGOT NO BREEDING$3.00
11104841985  USED6/17/2018  Kihn GregAgain$3.00
11104842085  USED6/17/2018  KIng CurtisSoul Serenade$3.00
11104843745  USED6/17/2018  KitaroIndia$5.00
11104842335  USED6/17/2018  KJR Sixteen All American HitsKJR Sixteen All American Hits$3.00
11104833465  USED6/17/2018  Klemmer JohnBarefoot Ballet$3.00
11104823035  USED6/17/2018  Kristofferson KrisJesus Was a Capricorn$3.00
11104822615  USED6/17/2018  LaMont TimIsland Wanderings$3.00
11104833095  USED6/17/2018  Lane RobinFive Live Songs$3.00
11104833105  USED6/17/2018  LAST WORDSLAST WORDS$3.00
11104842325  USED6/17/2018  Lee BrendaVersatile$3.00
11104833765  USED6/17/2018  Lee JohnnyHey Bartender$3.00
11104833775  USED6/17/2018  Lee JohnnyJohnny Lee$3.00
11104823555  USED6/17/2018  Lee PeggyPretty Eyes$3.00
11104823135  USED6/17/2018  Lehrer TomThat Was the Year That Was$3.00
11104834725  USED6/17/2018  Lewis Gary and the PlayboysGolden Greats$3.00
11104841695  USED6/17/2018  Lewis Jerry LeeJerry Lee Lewis$3.00
11104823685  USED6/17/2018  Lewis Jerry LeeSings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits Vol 1$3.00
11104841085  USED6/17/2018  Lewis Jerry LeeWould you take another chance on me$3.00
11104832715  USED6/17/2018  Lewis RamseySun Goddess$3.00
11104833405  USED6/17/2018  Lewis RamseyUpendo Ni Pamona$3.00
11104832705  USED6/17/2018  Lewis RamseyWade in the Water$3.00
11104834875  USED6/17/2018  Lightfoot GordonGord's Gold$3.00
11104833935  USED6/17/2018  Lightfoot GordonIf You Could Read My Mind$3.00
11104833945  USED6/17/2018  Lightfoot GordonShadows$3.00
11104833925  USED6/17/2018  Lightfoot GordonSummertime Dream$3.00
11104841095  USED6/17/2018  LighthouseSunny Days$3.00
11104822815  USED6/17/2018  Living in a BoxLiving in a Box$3.00
11104832845  USED6/17/2018  LoboIntroducing Lobo$3.00
11104822715  USED6/17/2018  Locklin HankWabash Cannon Ball$3.00
11104833915  USED6/17/2018  LOGGINGS & MESSINANATIVE SONS$3.00
11104832835  USED6/17/2018  LOGGINS & MESSINAFINALE$3.00
11104841705  USED6/17/2018  London Towne HouseSyncopate '88$3.00
11104833795  USED6/17/2018  LoverboyKeep It Up $3.00
11104822745  USED6/17/2018  Lovin SpoonfulSo Nice$3.00
11104822705  USED6/17/2018  Lynn LorettaEntertainer of the Year$3.00
11104822695  USED6/17/2018  Lynn LorettaOne's on the way$3.00
11104823945  USED6/17/2018  Mahal TajSatisfied & Tickled Too$3.00
11104842475  USED6/17/2018  MalokoSoul on Fire$3.00
11104833575  USED6/17/2018  Mangione ChuckFeels So Good$3.00
11104852105  USED6/17/2018  Marley BobKaya$5.95
11104852095  USED6/17/2018  Marley BobTeggae Legend$8.95
11104851635  USED6/17/2018  Marsalis WyntonThink of One$3.00
11104833415  USED6/17/2018  Marsalis WyntonThink of One$3.00
11104834195  USED6/17/2018  Marshall Tucker BandGreatest Hits$3.00
11104834285  USED6/17/2018  Marshall Tucker BandTogether Forever$3.00
11104834365  USED6/17/2018  Mason DaveLet It Flow$3.00
11104841195  USED6/17/2018  Mason ProffitRockfish Crossing$3.00
11104834185  USED6/17/2018  McGuinn Clark & HillmanMcGuinn Clark & Hillman$3.00
11104833805  USED6/17/2018  McNeill DuganIn the Velvet night$3.00
11104822595  USED6/17/2018  MCVICAR ( WHO ) / O.S.T. (ENG)MCVICAR ( WHO ) / O.S.T. (ENG)$3.00
11104833625  USED6/17/2018  Mellencamp JohnUh-Huh$3.00
11104834425  USED6/17/2018  Melody Four QuartetMelody Four Quartet$3.00
11104833115  USED6/17/2018  Metheny PatNew Chautauqua$3.00
11104833075  USED6/17/2018  Metheny PatPat Metheny Group$3.00
11104823435  USED6/17/2018  MFSBSUMMERTIME$3.00
11104851535  USED6/17/2018  Mitchell JoniLadies Of The Canyon$5.00
11104832795  USED6/17/2018  MontroseJump On It$3.00
11104833635  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesLong Distance Voyager$3.00
11104832805  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesOn the Threshold of a Dream$3.00
11104832965  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesOn the Threshold of a Dream$3.00
11104833255  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesQuestion Of Balance$3.00
11104833055  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn$3.00
11104832975  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn$3.00
11104832985  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn$3.00
11104832645  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesThis Is the Moody Blues$5.00
11104833045  USED6/17/2018  Moody BluesTo Our Childrens Childrens Children$3.00
11104824295  USED6/17/2018  Mott the HoopleDrive On$3.00
11104842305  USED6/17/2018  Moustaki GeorgesGeorges Moustaki$3.00
11104834715  USED6/17/2018  NazarethMalice in Wonderland$3.00
11104841935  USED6/17/2018  Nelson WillieThere'll be no teardrops tonight$3.00
11104834005  USED6/17/2018  Nelson WillieTo Lefty From Willie$3.00
11104824185  USED6/17/2018  Nelson Willie / Price RaySan Antonio Rose$3.00
11104823865  USED6/17/2018  New EnglandNew England$3.00
11104833645  USED6/17/2018  NEW HORIZONSNEW HORIZONS$3.00
11104832505  USED6/17/2018  Nicks StevieBella Donna$5.00
11104833665  USED6/17/2018  Night Ranger7 Wishes$3.00
11104824205  USED6/17/2018  Noise WorksTouch$3.00
11104834565  USED6/17/2018  Nugent TedFree for All$3.00
11104823255  USED6/17/2018  Ocean BillyTear Down These Walls$3.00
11104852065  USED6/17/2018  Oingo BoingoBest Of$6.95
11104833715  USED6/17/2018  Parsons AlanEve$3.00
11104822625  USED6/17/2018  Parton DollyDolly$3.00
11104823655  USED6/17/2018  Peterson OscarPlays My Fair Lady$3.00
11104833565  USED6/17/2018  Peterson RayMissing You$3.00
11104833165  USED6/17/2018  Pinder michaelPromise$3.00
11104833825  USED6/17/2018  Post MikeMike post - Soundtrack Themes$3.00
11104841885  USED6/17/2018  Price RayGreatest Hits$3.00
11104834325  USED6/17/2018  Pride CharleyBest of Vol 2$3.00
11104822785  USED6/17/2018  Puckett Gary and Union GapIncredible$3.00
11104843885  USED6/17/2018  Puente Tito & His Latin EnsembleSensation$5.00
11104833335  USED6/17/2018  Pure Prairie LeaguePure Prairie League$3.00
11104841725  USED6/17/2018  Rafferty GerryCity to City$3.00
11104841505  USED6/17/2018  Rafferty GerryCity to City$3.00
11104841715  USED6/17/2018  Rafferty GerryNight Owl$3.00
11104842285  USED6/17/2018  RAFFERTY GERRYSNAKES & LADDERS$3.00
11104851615  USED6/17/2018  Rare EarthGet Ready$3.00
11104834495  USED6/17/2018  RatchellII$3.00
11104841325  USED6/17/2018  RAVAN GENYAURBAN DESIRE$3.00
11104841215  USED6/17/2018  Rawls LouBest from Lou Rawls$3.00
11104841345  USED6/17/2018  Redbone LeonChampagne Charlie$3.00
11104834395  USED6/17/2018  REO SpeedwagonHi Infidelity$3.00
11104833975  USED6/17/2018  Revere Paul & RaidersMidnight Ride$3.00
11104824265  USED6/17/2018  Richie LionelComposer$3.00
11104841295  USED6/17/2018  Riley Jeannie CFrom Harper Valley to the Mountain Top$3.00
11104841265  USED6/17/2018  Robbins MartyBiggest Hits$3.00
11104841275  USED6/17/2018  Robbins MartyWorld Of$3.00
11104824085  USED6/17/2018  Rolling StonesEmotional Rescue$3.00
11104824115  USED6/17/2018  Rolling StonesStill Life$3.00
11104822895  USED6/17/2018  ROSE BIFFCHILDREN OF LIGHT$3.00
11104834915  USED6/17/2018  Ross DianaAs Mahogany$3.00
11104834515  USED6/17/2018  Ross DianaLady Sings the Blues$3.00
11104833375  USED6/17/2018  Rossington Collins BandAnytime Anyplace Anywhere$3.00
11104833385  USED6/17/2018  Rossington Collins BandThis is the Way$3.00
11104852055  USED6/17/2018  Roxy MusicSiren$5.95
11104833015  USED6/17/2018  RumourMax$3.00
11104843815  USED6/17/2018  RUNRIGCUTTER & THE CLAN (GER)$5.00
11104841955  USED6/17/2018  Rush TomMerrimack County$3.00
11104843915  USED6/17/2018  Russell LeonStop All That Jazz$5.00
11104822635  USED6/17/2018  RUSSELL LEON & MARYMAKE LOVE TO THE MUSIC$3.00
11104822605  USED6/17/2018  Russell Leon / Benno MarcAsylum Choir II$3.00
11104843525  USED6/17/2018  Sanborn DavidHideaway$3.00
11104832935  USED6/17/2018  SantanaInner Secrets$3.00
11104842215  USED6/17/2018  SantanaInner Secrets$3.00
11104850845  USED6/17/2018  Savoy BrownRaw Sienna$7.95
11104823495  USED6/17/2018  SEA LEVELCATS ON THE COAST$3.00
11104823505  USED6/17/2018  SEA LEVELON THE EDGE$3.00
11104843545  USED6/17/2018  SectionFork It Over$3.00
11104843575  USED6/17/2018  Seger BobDistance$3.00
11104850915  USED6/17/2018  Seger BobLive Bullet$6.95
11104842465  USED6/17/2018  Sha Na NaRock & Roll Is Here To Stay$3.00
11104842455  USED6/17/2018  Sidran BenOn the Cool Side$3.00
11104843695  USED6/17/2018  Simon & GarfunkalSounds of Silence$5.00
11104823535  USED6/17/2018  Sister SledgeWe Are Family$3.00
11104841255  USED6/17/2018  Skaggs RickyDon't Cheat in Our Hometown $3.00
11104824125  USED6/17/2018  SoundtrackAnnie $3.00
11104834315  USED6/17/2018  Souther J.D.You're Only Lonely$3.00
11104851565  USED6/17/2018  SphereFour in One$5.00
11104823845  USED6/17/2018  Split EnzTrue Colours$3.00
11104822535  USED6/17/2018  Spoken Word - Record Breakers / Sports Record Breakers / Sports History$3.00
11104843555  USED6/17/2018  Spyro GyraAccess All Areas$3.00
11104823465  USED6/17/2018  Spyro GyraCarnaval$3.00
11104834705  USED6/17/2018  SQUEEZEEAST SIDE STORY$3.00
11104842375  USED6/17/2018  Stampley JoeABC Collection$3.00
11104834225  USED6/17/2018  Stewart RodNight On the Town$3.00
11104823825  USED6/17/2018  Stewart RodNight On the Town$3.00
11104832905  USED6/17/2018  Stewart Rod / FacesCoast to Coast$3.00
11104822375  USED6/17/2018  StyxCornerstone$3.00
11104851575  USED6/17/2018  StyxCornerstone$3.00
11104841745  USED6/17/2018  SurvivorVital Signs$3.00
11104834215  USED6/17/2018  SYLVERSSOMETHING SPECIAL$3.00
11104832945  USED6/17/2018  Taylor JamesFlag$3.00
11104832735  USED6/17/2018  Three Dog NightGolden Biscuits$3.00
11104851625  USED6/17/2018  Three Dog NightHarmony$3.00
11104824285  USED6/17/2018  Three Dog NightJoy To The World$3.00
11104832755  USED6/17/2018  Three Dog NightOne$3.00
11104852075  USED6/17/2018  TIRED PONYGHOST OF THE MOUNTAIN$5.95
11104851995  USED6/17/2018  ToadiesRubberneck$5.95
11104834305  USED6/17/2018  Tomorrow BugsBugs Tomorrow$3.00
11104842255  USED6/17/2018  Turrentine StanleyBetcha$3.00
11104822475  USED6/17/2018  Tyner McCoyFocal Point$3.00
11104822495  USED6/17/2018  UB 40UB 40$3.00
11104822485  USED6/17/2018  UB40GEFFERY MORGAN$3.00
11104823425  USED6/17/2018  Valli Frankie + 4 SeasonsNew Gold Hits$3.00
11104822545  USED6/17/2018  VangelisChariots of Fire$3.00
11104834925  USED6/17/2018  Various - Anthology of the 12 String GuAnthology of the 12 String Guitar$3.00
11104833605  USED6/17/2018  Various - One World JazzVarious - One World Jazz$3.00
11104843585  USED6/17/2018  Various - Road MusicVarious - Road Music$3.00
11104822525  USED6/17/2018  Various - sounds of '76Various - sounds of '76$3.00
11104833265  USED6/17/2018  Various - Super GroupsVarious - Super Groups$3.00
11104833275  USED6/17/2018  Various - Super GroupsVarious - Super Groups$3.00
11104823355  USED6/17/2018  Various - Universal Master SeriesVarious - Universal Master Series$3.00
11104822795  USED6/17/2018  Various - Unsigned Vol 2Various - Unsigned Vol 2$3.00
11104843595  USED6/17/2018  Various -22 High-ballin HitsVarious -22 High-ballin Hits$3.00
11104833285  USED6/17/2018  Various Folk - Our Colorful HertageVarious Folk - Our Colorful Hertage$3.00
11104823835  USED6/17/2018  Various- Guide To JazzVarious- Guide To Jazz$3.00
11104833505  USED6/17/2018  Vaughan SarahMagic of Sarah Vaughan$3.00
11104843565  USED6/17/2018  Vollenweider AndreasWhite Winds$3.00
11104833675  USED6/17/2018  Wagoner PorterBallads ogf love$3.00
11104833175  USED6/17/2018  Washington Grover JrWinelight$3.00
11104824175  USED6/17/2018  WhoLive at Leeds$3.00
11104834075  USED6/17/2018  Wiedlin JaneFur$3.00
11104824275  USED6/17/2018  Wildcats (OST - Lucille Ball)Wildcats (OST - Lucille Ball)$3.00
11104851585  USED6/17/2018  Williams Hank JrMontana Cafe$3.00
11104842355  USED6/17/2018  Winter EdgarWhite Trash$3.00
11104842095  USED6/17/2018  Winwood SteveTalking Back to the Night$3.00
11104841805  USED6/17/2018  Witherspoon JimmySpoonful$3.00
11104842315  USED6/17/2018  World's Greatest Jazz BandWorld's Greatest Jazz Band$3.00
11104832585  USED6/17/2018  Wuthering Heights / OSTWuthering Heights / OST$5.00
11104833535  USED6/17/2018  Xanadu / O.S.T.Xanadu / O.S.T.$3.00
11104834355  USED6/17/2018  Young FaronSings the best of Jim Reeves$3.00
11104833955  USED6/17/2018  ZADORA PIAI am What I am$3.00
11104852085  USED6/17/2018  Zinn RustyChill$5.95