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BEATLESWHITE ALBUM - BEATLES (DLX)Released Friday, November 09, 2018
Price: $29.99Rock & Pop
For 50 years, The White Album has invited its listeners to venture forth and explore the breadth and ambition of its music, delighting and inspiring each new generation in turn. The Beatles have now released a suite of lavishly presented White Album packages, including an expanded 3CD package. The album's 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell and features the new stereo album mix on 2CDs, adding a third CD of the Esher Demos. The release was presided over, in part, by Beatles producer/arranger George Martins son Giles, who took to Stuart Maconies BBC 6 Radio show to assure listeners that his work unearthing and remastering important Beatles recordings was not over yet. He casually announced that the next anniversary reissue project will be 1968s The Beatles (aka the White Album), and it seems like it will make the Sgt. Pepper projectwhich involved, among other things, constructing an entire alternate version of the album out of outtakes and compiling a new 144-page book featuring commentary by Martin Jr. and otherslook like a walk in the park.The White Album, which is the next release that was when [the band] started becoming properly indulgentThere are so many takes of Sexy Sadie, for instance, Martin said. The efficiency went slightly out the window. Theres a lot of stuff. So, its getting the balance right.

CHARLES BRADLEYBLACK VELVETReleased Friday, November 09, 2018
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Soul - Funk - R & B
'Black Velvet' was the name Bradley used when he was working as a James Brown impersonator. What he learned from the Godfather of Soul was visceral, touching and funky. Bradley had the dance moves, the howls, the yelps, the songs, and the screams, but he turned them into his own with a remarkable, singular voice. Black Velvet, the album, continues to travel down the same road of soul love that Charles Bradley began on his 2011 debut. Songs like 'Can't Fight the Feeling' (originally recorded in 2007), 'Fly Little Girl' (featuring Bradley on organ) and the heart-wrenching 'I Feel a Change' speak to the essence of his spirit. A duet with LaRose Jackson on 'Luv Jones' drops hard like a funk bomb. The powerful electric version of 'Victim of Love,' featuring The Sha La Das, works as a spiritual cousin to Barbara Mason's 1965 R&B hit 'Yes I'm Ready,' and when Charles Bradley hits his singular scream at around the 3:40 spot in the song, you'll know why he has earned his title as the Screaming Eagle of Soul.

Price: $14.99Country
She Remembers Everything, the follow-up to 2013s acclaimed The River & The Thread, Cash is more concerned with the personal than the political. More than anything, she seems to wish comfort upon her listener; the songs envelop you in simple chords and caring words. On She Remembers Everything, Cash seeks to understandnot only herself, but those around herand how best to usher in peace despite prevailing tumult.Cash, like her father Johnny before her, is a razorsharp lyricist. One such lyrical gem is found in The Undiscovered Country, a brisky Americana ramble packed with folksy metaphors that takes pleasure in what we dont understand about ourselvesand others: All because Im thankful / for the things we never planned / the undiscovered country / in every woman, every man. Though Cash wields a powerful pen, she falters on 8 Gods of Harlem, which although featuring solid appearances by Elvis Costello and Kris Kristofferson, is a somewhat uninteresting valley surrounded by several mid-album peaks. The following track, Rabbit Hole, however, is a summit, a seeking track yearning for some still relief in the midst of todays perpetual swarm.

DEAD CAN DANCEDIONYSUSReleased Friday, November 02, 2018
Price: $15.99Rock & Pop
Slated for release on November 2, 2018, on PIAS Recordings, the latest, ninth offering of Dead Can Dance, titled Dionysus, is certainly a heavyweight in the genre it swims within and even in the context of its own discography.A cerebral sonic journey into deeply rooted mythological imaginings, Dionysus is a two-act, mostly instrumental narrative that is comprised by seamlessly connected movements. It begins with the subtle grace and undulating serenity of Sea Borne hypnotic, alluring, and enticing like the proverbial wines of the spoiled and temperamental deities. From this foamy and cool expedition, Dionysus then takes the listener to somewhere dry, sandy, sunny, portentous, and eerie, as the slavish Liberator of Minds calls out proudly with its wails, birdsong, and Mediterranean strings. The final movement of the first act, Dance of the Bacchantes, is engaging and aptly intoxicating; its springy, bouzouki-sounding lead instrument and Tribal chants fit the whole plot.

BOB DYLANMORE BLOOD, MORE TRACKS: BOOTLEG SERIES Vol 14Released Friday, November 02, 2018
Price: $14.99Rock & Pop
Bob Dylan had crucial second thoughts just as he was about to release Blood on the Tracks, the indelible 1975 album filled with songs of separation, heartache, sorrow, rage and regret. Now its getting a revealing close-up. More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14, due Friday, unveils all of the initial sessions: the solo, duo and small-group versions of songs that Dylan replaced, for half of the album, with more extroverted full-band recordings. There are an exhaustive deluxe six-CD version with every surviving take and a one-CD compilation of alternate versions of the albums 10 songs plus one that was omitted, Up to Me.The songs from Blood on the Tracks are artfully multifaceted: romances, travelogues, tall tales, parables and possibly memories, all at once. Although it was written and recorded while Dylans marriage to the former Sara Lownds was disintegrating she filed for divorce in 1977 he later insisted that its songs, including Tangled Up in Blue, Idiot Wind and Shelter from the Storm, were by no means confessional. In Chronicles: Volume One, his elliptical 2004 memoir, he claimed that the lyrics had been inspired by Anton Chekhov short stories.

Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Someone must have really missed this stuff: chesty, surging, over-the-top rock out of a time capsule from the early 1970s.Greta Van Fleet, a four-man band from Michigan, has been tearing its way through shows and festivals in recent years. Now, it has released its debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army.On the bands 2017 EP, From the Fires, there was no mistaking its main and nearly sole source: Led Zeppelin. It all came flashing back, as Joshua Kiszkas voice yowled, swooped, moaned and quavered with every maneuver he could mimic from Robert Plant, while his twin brother, Jacob Kiszka, flung guitar riffs and power chords or wailed in unison with the lead vocal the way Jimmy Page did. Their younger brother, Sam Kiszka, played busy bass lines that hopped between riff and counterpoint, goading Danny Wagner, on drums, to rumble bursts of triplets across the tom-toms and to land extra-hard just behind the beat, like John Bonham.That was a smart gambit. It exploited the nostalgia in the elder generation of music-business gatekeepers not just for classic rock but for the kind of musicianship and larger-than-life rock stardom that Led Zeppelin flaunted. Meanwhile, for younger listeners, there was novelty in seeing a band with nothing programmed in its sound and the freewheeling dynamics of an old-fashioned power trio backing an ornately unbridled singer. Openly derivative, half-fledged songs No stoppin at the red light girl / Cause I wanna get your signal, Joshua Kizka sang in Highway Tune werent necessarily a deal-breaker.

JASON ISBELL & 400 UNITLIVE FROM THE RYMANReleased Friday, October 19, 2018
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
The band has become to the Ryman what the Allman Brothers once were to New Yorks Beacon. Isbell and gang have had 14 consecutive Ryman sellouts form 2014-2017 and are poised to sell out another six this fall. Clearly Isbell is on top these days, having won two 2018 Grammy Awards for Best Americana Album (The Nashville Sound) and Best American Roots Song (If We Were Vampires). They followed suit with three American Music Association Awards last month. The most recent album is well represented here with five songs, and If Were Vampires, done as on the album acoustically with Isbell and Shires, is the finale.The album begins with the rocking Hope the High Road against crunching guitars and the band firing up right from the start. He follows with 24 Frames, his major song from Something More Than Free. Keep in mind that Isbell issued both this album and Southeastern under his own name even though some band members played on them. He didnt link The 400 Unit next to his name until The Nashville Sound. As such, the full band makes the songs from those solo efforts more robust and in some cases, more emotional.

ELLE KINGSHAKE THE SPIRITReleased Friday, October 19, 2018
Price: $14.99Rock & Pop
King spent the years since her initial success dealing with the fallout of a short, secret, troubled marriage, a subsequent divorce, substance abuse and rehab. You can hear her map out her story, lyrically, as her impressive second album, Shake the Spirit, progresses. At the start of the LP, shes the venomous man-eater of songs like Shame (Troubles what you need/Thats what you getting with me), Baby Outlaw (Pity the man that stands in my way/Im a nightmare even in the day) and Mans Man.The back end of the record, however, is more regretful, fitting a down-to-earth Americana sound created by King and her five-piece rock band, the Brethren. Slow-winding, country-fried soul throwback ballads like Good Thing Gone turn the spotlight back on herself: We couldve tried a bit harder/I couldve practiced more patience/Look at this good love weve wasted, she croons. Sober plays like country bummer queen Mary Gauthier, and Runaway isnt too far from the Del Shannon song of the same name but gender-flipped to reveal that the woman doing the running away has been hurt by love too many times.Its hard to pinpoint the exact amount of pride versus remorse in It Girl, a cheeky indie-confessional/girl-group novelty song about giving middle-school hand jobs, but its What if Liz Phair sang for the Crystals? vibe is hilarious, irresistible and occasionally poignant: You could be the It girl/If you use a little spit, girl.

METALLICAJUSTICE FOR ALL (RMST) - 3 CD SETReleased Friday, November 02, 2018
Price: $24.99Metal / Goth

MUSESIMULATION THEORYReleased Friday, November 09, 2018
Price: $16.99Rock & Pop
Simulation Theory comes a little over 3 years after their 2015 number 1 album Drones. Drones, a heavier Rock album with an intense sound, on Simulation Theory, Muse start with a clean slate once more. Notorious for shifting their style and approach record to record prime examples would be 2006s Black Holes and Revelations and 2012s The 2nd Law Muse is fearless in their artistic approach. With Simulation Theory, they pull out all the stops to create a complete package of visual and sonic qualities that engage the senses. Consisting of 11 new songs, each of which will be accompanied by a video, it could be one of the biggest album productions in some time. Produced by the band themselves, along with several award-winning producers, including Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland, the artwork was illustrated by Digital Artist Kyle Lambert, who has done the poster art for Stranger Things, plus many other films, while the Super Deluxe cover was illustrated by Paul Shipper, whose previous work includes 2017s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Wait Super Deluxe? How many editions of Simulation Theory are there exactly? A very good question, the album will be released in 3 formats Standard, with the 11 tracks, Deluxe, with 5 additional versions of the songs, and yes, Super Deluxe, with a whopping 21 tracks, making it the most complete collection of the bunch.

QUEENBOHEMIAN RHAPSODYReleased Friday, October 19, 2018
Price: $14.99Rock & Pop
Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music & their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Defying stereotypes and shattering convention, Freddie became one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band with their iconic songs and revolutionary sound through to Live Aid, becoming of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. For the first time ever, audio tracks from QUEEN's legendary performance at Live Aid are being released as part of the soundtrack album to 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises' forthcoming feature film celebrating the band, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Recorded at the historic Wembley concert in July 1985, these Live Aid songs are among the rare gems and unheard versions from the band's rich catalogue.

TENACIOUS DPOST-APOCALYPTO (WB)Released Friday, November 02, 2018
Price: $15.99Rock & Pop
The project is the duos first new release in six years, with one episode expected each Friday until the final episode on Nov. 2. The final episode will be paired with Tenacious Ds fourth album, also titled Post-Apocalypto, and doubling as the soundtrack to the series. The album was produced by John Spiker and will be released on Columbia Records. The series was created entirely by Jack Black and Kyle Gasswith Dave Grohl providing drums on all musical bitsleaving much room for creative license. Each episode is voiced entirely by the duo, with Black following his Beavis and Butthead-influenced illustration style while drawing out each panel shown. Each episode features new Tenacious D tracks, with the principle track from each week going up on streaming platforms after the episodes release. Paired with the first episode was the track Hope, available now.The episode follows Black and Gass through finding creative ways to pay rent, surviving the onset of the apocalypse and befriending a two-headed dog named Hope. According to a press release, future episodes will feature Tenacious D saving the world post-apocalypse while on a journey with unimaginable twists and turns, an insane visit to the White House, a time machine, a space adventure and the help of some tried-and-true daddy issues.