Bob Dylan
John Wesley Harding - HYBRID     (CD World's Ranking Is 11078)
Item# 82796903206
Released: 9/16/2003
Category: SACD CD's
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SONY MUSIC (SNY)
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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
02289145279MVD10/31/2006  Dylan Bob1966 World Tour: the Home Movies$14.992-10 Days
82356450669MVD10/10/2006  Dylan Bob1966-1978 After the Crash$16.992-10 Days
88843034119SNY3/4/2014  DYLAN BOB30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT CELEBRATION (2PC) / (DLX)$21.992-10 Days
88843034139SNYBlu Ray DVD3/4/2014  DYLAN BOB30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT CELEBRATION / (DLX)$24.992-10 Days
07464532302SNY8/10/1993  Dylan Bob30th Anniversary Concert Colle$17.992-10 Days
88697239832SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobAcoustic-Good As I Been to You$8.991-2 Days
11104103205USED6/20/2015  Dylan BobAnothe Side of Bob Dylan$5.951-2 Days
11104129165USED7/16/2015  Dylan BobAnothe Side of Bob Dylan$5.951-2 Days
88883734872SNY8/27/2013  DYLAN BOBANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT 1969-1971: BOOTLEG SERIES 10$22.991-2 Days
88883734882SNY8/27/2013  DYLAN BOBANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT 1969-1971: BOOTLEG SERIES 10$112.992-10 Days
88883734891SNY8/27/2013  DYLAN BOBANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT 1969-1971: BOOTLEG SERIES 10$76.991-2 Days
9399746503328SMA8/23/2005  Dylan BobAnother Side of Bob Dylan$12.992-10 Days
82796924022SNP1/1/1980  Dylan BobAnother Side Of Bob Dylan$10.992-10 Days
09077151211SUN6/4/2002  Dylan BobAnother Side of Bob Dylan (mono edition)$25.992-10 Days
88697296682SNY5/13/2008  Dylan BobAnother Side of Bob Dylan/Times They are A-Changin$14.992-10 Days
11104129305USED7/16/2015  Dylan BobBasement Tapes$7.951-2 Days
88697082292SNY3/31/2009  Dylan BobBasement Tapes (2 CD)$17.991-2 Days
11104118075USED7/3/2015  Dylan BobBasement Tapes (2 CD)$7.951-2 Days
82179723821MFS9/18/2012  DYLAN BOBBASEMENT TAPES (LTD) (OGV) - Vinyl$42.992-10 Days
11104130165USED7/15/2015  Dylan BobBefore the Flood$8.951-2 Days
11104126755USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobBefore the Flood$9.951-2 Days
11104075405USED5/29/2015  Dylan BobBefore the Flood$8.951-2 Days
88697082242SNY3/31/2009  Dylan BobBefore the Flood (2 CD)$17.992-10 Days
82876750132SNY11/15/2005  Dylan BobBest Of$16.992-10 Days
07464652982SNY7/1/1996  Dylan BobBiograph$38.991-2 Days
69699865682SNY8/6/2002  Dylan BobBiograph (DLX)$46.991-2 Days
07464388302OOP3/1/2013  Dylan BobBiograph - Box set$49.991-2 Days
11103469295USED5/4/2013  Dylan BobBlonde On Blonde$6.951-2 Days
11104147955USED7/31/2015  Dylan BobBlonde On Blonde$6.95Not Out Yet
82796924002SBV1/1/1980  Dylan BobBlonde On Blonde$12.991-2 Days
09077151101SUN11/1/2002  Dylan BobBlonde On Blonde (2 LP mono edition)$34.992-10 Days
11104090495USED6/14/2015  Dylan BobBlonde On Blonde (Hybr)$7.951-2 Days
11104116215USED7/5/2015  Dylan BobBlood On The Tracks$5.951-2 Days
82796923982SBV3/17/1998  Dylan BobBlood on the Tracks$12.991-2 Days
11104147445USED7/31/2015  Dylan BobBlood On The Tracks$5.95Not Out Yet
11104147945USED7/31/2015  Dylan BobBlood On The Tracks$5.95Not Out Yet
11104127115USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobBlood On The Tracks$5.951-2 Days
11104126955USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobBob Dylan$5.951-2 Days
82796942392SBV6/21/2005  Dylan BobBob Dylan$10.991-2 Days
11104060185USED5/19/2015  Dylan BobBob Dylan$5.951-2 Days
09077151201SUN1/20/2004  Dylan BobBob Dylan (mono edition)$25.992-10 Days
02289144849MVD4/4/2006  Dylan BobBob Dylan: 1975-1982 - Rolling Thunder & Gospel$13.992-10 Days
07464653022SNY7/1/1996  Dylan BobBootleg Series$38.992-10 Days
11104120715USED7/10/2015  Dylan BobBootleg Series 1-3 (Rare Unreleased) 1961-91 (DBL$15.951-2 Days
11104094065USED6/10/2015  Dylan BobBootleg Series 1961-1991 - 3 cd set$11.951-2 Days
11104128085USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobBootleg Series 4: Live 1966 - Royal Albert Concer$8.951-2 Days
69699868822SNY3/30/2004  Dylan BobBootleg series V6: Live 1964$17.991-2 Days
69699870472SNY11/26/2002  Dylan BobBootleg Series Vol 5 - Live 1975$17.991-2 Days
11104042295USED4/15/2015  Dylan BobBootleg Series Vol 5 - Live 1975$9.951-2 Days
11104039585USED4/19/2015  Dylan BobBringing It All Back Home$5.951-2 Days
11104126585USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobBringing It All Back Home$9.951-2 Days
11104127035USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobBringing It All Back Home$5.951-2 Days
82796924012SBV1/1/1980  Dylan BobBringing It All Back Home$10.991-2 Days
88697977117SNY11/21/2011  DYLAN BOBCAN YOU PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW (LTD)$36.991-2 Days
88697573232SNY10/13/2009  Dylan BobChristmas in the Heart$14.992-10 Days
88697573231SNY11/23/2009  Dylan BobChristmas in the Heart (180 gram)$20.992-10 Days
88697596142SNY10/13/2009  Dylan BobChristmas in the Heart (Deluxe)$21.992-10 Days
82796939732SNY4/5/2005  Dylan BobCollection$28.992-10 Days
82796926452SNY7/13/2004  Dylan BobCollection (Oh mercy/Time out of mind/..)$28.992-10 Days
82796939922SNY4/5/2005  Dylan BobCollection - Nashville skyline / New morning$28.992-10 Days
82796923932SBV6/1/2004  Dylan BobDesire $10.991-2 Days
11104128165USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobDesire$5.951-2 Days
11104121495USED7/10/2015  Dylan BobDesire$6.951-2 Days
88697267392SSP4/29/2008  Dylan BobDown in Groove$8.992-10 Days
88765405337SNY11/23/2012  Dylan BobDuquesne Whistle - 7' vinyl$7.991-2 Days
88697059282SNY10/2/2007  Dylan BobDylan $12.991-2 Days
88697082282SNY3/31/2009  Dylan BobDylan & the Dead$10.992-10 Days
88697114202SNY10/2/2007  Dylan BobDylan (W/Book) (Coll) (DLX)$45.991-2 Days
80121350729EAG10/31/2006  Dylan BobDylan Speaks$10.992-10 Days
11104091115USED6/13/2015  Dylan BobEmpire Burlesque$5.951-2 Days
11104071075USED5/30/2015  Dylan BobEmpire Burlesque$6.951-2 Days
88697242212SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobEmpire Burlesque$8.992-10 Days
88843029532SNY3/25/2014  DYLAN BOBESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN$15.992-10 Days
11104075055USED5/29/2015  DYLAN BOBESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN$6.951-2 Days
69699851682SNY10/31/2000  Dylan BobEssential Bob Dylan (Remastered) (LTD Ed)$15.992-10 Days
82796923962SBV3/17/1998  Dylan BobFree Wheelin$10.991-2 Days
11104098235USED6/11/2015  Dylan BobFreewheelin Bob Dylan (Hybr)$5.951-2 Days
09077151151SUN12/11/2001  Dylan BobFreewheelin Bob Dylan (mono edition)$25.992-10 Days
11104061825USED5/22/2015  Dylan BobFreewhellin Bob Dylan$5.951-2 Days
82356450839MVD4/24/2007  Dylan BobGolden Years 1962-1978$19.992-10 Days
11103295775USED10/13/2012  Dylan BobGreatest Hits$5.951-2 Days
11104119875USED7/11/2015  Dylan BobGreatest Hits 3$5.951-2 Days
07464659752SBV6/1/1999  Dylan BobGreatest Hits V1$10.991-2 Days
07464659762SBV6/1/1999  Dylan BobGreatest Hits V2$17.991-2 Days
9399746503427SMA8/23/2005  Dylan BobGreatest Hits Vol III - Import$12.992-10 Days
11104147755USED7/31/2015  Dylan BobGreatestr Hits Vol 2$8.95Not Out Yet
11104126965USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobHard Rain$5.951-2 Days
88697231892SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobHard Rain$8.992-10 Days
11104127865USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobHighway 61 Revisited$5.951-2 Days
82796923992SBV3/17/1998  Dylan BobHighway 61 Revisited$10.991-2 Days
09077150711SUN5/29/2001  Dylan BobHighway 61 Revisited (mono edition)$25.992-10 Days
82388002565HUR3/4/2008  Dylan BobIn Performance (2PC)$26.992-10 Days
82796923922SNP1/1/1980  Dylan BobInfidels$10.992-10 Days
11104092965USED6/13/2015  Dylan BobInfidels$5.951-2 Days
11104090875USED6/13/2015  Dylan BobInfidels$5.951-2 Days
11104117625USED7/3/2015  Dylan BobInfidels (Hybr)$6.951-2 Days
11104126905USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobJohn Wesley Harding$5.951-2 Days
11104091095USED6/13/2015  Dylan BobJohn Wesley Harding$5.951-2 Days
82796923952SNP3/17/1998  Dylan BobJohn Wesley Harding$10.991-2 Days
11104117615USED7/3/2015  Dylan BobJohn Wesley Harding (Hybr)$5.951-2 Days
09077151231SUN11/25/2003  Dylan BobJohn Wesley Harding (mono edition)$26.992-10 Days
88697248402SSP3/1/2008  Dylan BobKnocked Out Loaded$8.991-2 Days
82796906156SNY9/16/2003  Dylan BobLimited Edition Hybrid Sacd Set (Hybr) (LTD) (Box)$249.992-10 Days
11104127325USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobLive At Budokan$8.951-2 Days
07464360672SNY1/1/1980  Dylan BobLive At Budokan$17.992-10 Days
11104126595USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobLive At Budokan$9.951-2 Days
11104122225USED7/8/2015  Dylan BobLove & Theft$6.951-2 Days
11104017405USED3/21/2015  Dylan BobLove and theft$6.951-2 Days
69699859752SNY9/11/2001  Dylan BobLove and theft$11.992-10 Days
11104129175USED7/16/2015  Dylan BobLove and Theft [limited edition]$7.951-2 Days
82876876061SNY8/29/2006  Dylan BobModern Times$19.992-10 Days
82876876062SNY8/29/2006  Dylan BobModern Times$11.991-2 Days
11104074335USED5/30/2015  Dylan BobModern Times$5.951-2 Days
11104092995USED6/12/2015  Dylan BobModern Times$5.951-2 Days
11104039855USED4/18/2015  Dylan BobModern Times$5.951-2 Days
11103824765USED7/5/2014  Dylan BobModern Times$5.951-2 Days
11104137325USED7/25/2015  Dylan BobModern Times Limited Edition$6.951-2 Days
07464585169SNY3/30/2004  Dylan BobMTV Unplugged$13.992-10 Days
88697485902SSP5/2/1995  Dylan BobMtv Unplugged$8.991-2 Days
09077151241SUN8/28/2007  Dylan BobNashville Skyline$25.992-10 Days
11104074695USED5/29/2015  Dylan BobNashville Skyline$5.951-2 Days
11104090575USED6/14/2015  Dylan BobNashville Skyline$5.951-2 Days
11104128285USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobNashville Skyline$5.951-2 Days
82796923942SNP3/17/1998  Dylan BobNashville Skyline$10.992-10 Days
88697082302SNY3/31/2009  Dylan BobNew Morning$10.991-2 Days
11104128785USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobNew Morning$5.951-2 Days
SNY4/18/2015  DYLAN BOBNIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY - 7' Blue Vinyl RSD 2015$8.791-2 Days
82796939372SNY8/30/2005  Dylan BobNo direction home$17.991-2 Days
82796923912SBV1/1/1980  Dylan BobOh Mercy$10.992-10 Days
88697761042SNY10/19/2010  DYLAN BOBORIGINAL MONO RECORDINGS (BOX)$119.991-2 Days
88697761051SNY12/7/2010  DYLAN BOBORIGINAL MONO RECORDINGS (BOX) (OGV)$219.991-2 Days
88697144669SNY10/30/2007  Dylan BobOther Side of the Mirror: Live At Newport Folk Fes$15.992-10 Days
88697238582SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobPat Garrett & Billy the Kid / O.S.T.$8.992-10 Days
11104091125USED6/13/2015  Dylan BobPat Garrett And Billy The Kid$5.951-2 Days
11104114925USED7/3/2015  Dylan BobPlanet Waves$7.951-2 Days
11104118275USED7/3/2015  DYLAN BOBPLANET WAVES$5.951-2 Days
82796924042SNP1/1/1980  Dylan BobPlanet Waves$10.992-10 Days
11104127855USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobPlanet Waves$5.951-2 Days
88875002312SNY9/23/2014  DYLAN BOBPLAYLIST: THE VERY BEST OF BOB DYLAN$10.991-2 Days
88697422272SBV12/9/2008  Dylan BobPlaylist: the Very Best of Bob Dylan 1960's$10.992-10 Days
88697429422SNY3/24/2009  Dylan BobPlaylist: Very Best of Bob Dylan 1970s$10.992-10 Days
88697249802SSP3/1/2008  Dylan BobReal Live$8.991-2 Days
07464657592SNY10/13/1998  Dylan BobRoyal Albert Hall 1966$17.991-2 Days
11103835835USED10/11/2014  Dylan BobSaved$5.001-2 Days
88697238222SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobSaved$8.991-2 Days
09077151221SUN10/27/2009  DYLAN BOBSELF PORTRAIT$31.991-2 Days
07464300502SBV1/1/1980  Dylan BobSelf Portrait$10.992-10 Days
11104128875USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobSelf Portrait$5.951-2 Days
88875057962SNY2/3/2015  DYLAN BOBSHADOWS IN THE NIGHT$14.991-2 Days
88875057961SNY2/3/2015  DYLAN BOBSHADOWS IN THE NIGHT (DLI) (OGV) - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
88697238232SSP2/1/2008  Dylan BobShot of Love$8.992-10 Days
11104126605USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobShot of Love$7.951-2 Days
11104082075USED6/3/2015  Dylan BobSlow Train Coming$5.951-2 Days
82796923972SNP1/1/1980  Dylan BobSlow Train Coming$10.991-2 Days
82796924032SNP6/1/1999  Dylan BobStreet Legal$10.992-10 Days
11104128155USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobStreet Legal$5.951-2 Days
11104062535USED5/24/2015  Dylan BobStreet Legal$6.951-2 Days
88697357961SNY10/7/2008  Dylan BobTell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series 8 (Ogv)$99.991-2 Days
88697357952SNY10/7/2008  Dylan BobTell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series 8 (W/Book) (Snyc)$20.992-10 Days
88697347472SNY11/4/2008  Dylan BobTell Tale Signs: Bootleg series vol 8$12.991-2 Days
88725457602SNY9/11/2012  Dylan BobTempest$14.991-2 Days
88725457601SNY9/11/2012  Dylan BobTempest - Vinyl$25.991-2 Days
07464685562SBV9/30/1997  Dylan BobTime Out Of Mind$10.992-10 Days
11104122305USED7/8/2015  Dylan BobTime Out of Mind$5.951-2 Days
11104127215USED7/19/2015  Dylan BobTime Out of Mind$5.951-2 Days
88697808737SNY10/4/2011  Dylan BobTimes They Are a Changin'$6.991-2 Days
11104127285USED7/18/2015  Dylan BobTimes They Are A-Changin$5.951-2 Days
09077151081SUN9/4/2001  Dylan BobTimes They Are A-Changin (mono edition)$25.992-10 Days
11104060175USED5/19/2015  Dylan BobTimes they are-a-changin$5.951-2 Days
82796942402SBV6/21/2005  Dylan BobTimes they are-a-changin$10.991-2 Days
11103470085USED5/4/2013  Dylan BobTogether Through Life$6.951-2 Days
88697438932SNY4/28/2009  Dylan BobTogether Through Life$12.991-2 Days
88697438931SNY4/28/2009  Dylan BobTogether Through Life (Bonus CD)$22.991-2 Days
11103469805USED5/3/2013  DYLAN BOBTOGETHER THROUGH LIFE (DLX)$6.951-2 Days
11104127845USED7/17/2015  Dylan BobUnder the Red Sky$5.951-2 Days
88697267442SSP4/29/2008  Dylan BobUnder the Red Sky$8.992-10 Days
88697782501SNY10/19/2010  DYLAN BOBWITMARK DEMOS: 1962-1964 THE BOOTLEG SERIES 9$109.991-2 Days
88697267342SSP4/29/2008  Dylan BobWorld Gone Wrong$8.992-10 Days
11104118245USED7/3/2015  Dylan BobWorld Gone Wrong$5.951-2 Days
18854600001MVD3/8/2005  Dylan BobWorld Tours: 1966-1974$13.992-10 Days