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Released: 8/10/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: EAGLE VISION (EAG)
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Resurrected out of the embers of The Black Crowes, Rich Robinson reunites with several of his esteemed colleagues as The Magpie Salute takes flight with the release of their debut studio album. Formed by guitarist Rich Robinson, The Magpie Salute continues a storyline which began in the Black Crowes with guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien.Of course, vocalist John Hogg shared Hookah Brown with Robinson. Likewise, keyboardist Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro each, in turn, collaborated with the Crowes axe man throughout his solo career, and round out the bands stellar line-up. The Magpie Salute are presently preparing to unleash their first full studio long player High Water I, which comes almost two years after their live debut. This record traverses the full spectrum of roots-based music from foot stomping, acoustic blues numbers like Hand In Hand through to beautiful pedal steel infused Americana numbers such as You Found Me and the rather mellow Sister Moon. The pulsating rhythm and searing guitar riffs of Mary The Gypsy perfectly opens the album and immediately grabs the listeners attention. With Send Me An Omen the band are in familiar territory, with a riff-laden track which would sit perfectly on The Black Crowes third studio album Amorica. The spellbinding title track itself is an intricate number with many layers and a passionate vocal delivery from Hogg. Listening to High Water is like opening a time capsule from the late 60s, this song is similar in both quality and delivery to the great songwriters of that time.


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