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Released: 10/5/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
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Long-running hip-hop unit Atmosphere have officially announced their return with a new studio album. Titled Mi Vida Local, the rap duo's upcoming LP will arrive on October 5 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. The record marks the follow-up to 2016's Fishing Blues and Atmosphere's seventh studio album overall.According to a press release, here's what we can expect from Mi Vida Local: Their seventh album, Mi Vida Local, reflects the ways in which the world and their place in it has changed. The idyllic domesticity of the past few records has morphed into anxiety over keeping loved ones safe during turbulent times. The easygoing collaboration between Ant and Slug has started to feel more like the life-or-death intimacy of two men trapped together on a lifeboat. At times, Mi Vida Local is a heavy album, ('I might be the last generation of grandparents,' goes a key line from 'Virgo'), but it's far from grim.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
82625702202RHY8/12/2016  ATMOSPHEREFISHING BLUES$10.991-2 Days
82625702201RHY8/12/2016  ATMOSPHEREFISHING BLUES (DLCD) - VINYL$28.991-2 Days
82625702071RHY11/13/2015  ATMOSPHEREFUN EP (HAPPY CLOWN BAD DUB EIGHT) (EP) (PICT)$18.991-2 Days
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82625700532RHY1/4/2005  AtmosphereHeadshots: Se7En (Bonus CD) (RMST)$10.991-2 Days
82625700192RHY7/13/1999  AtmosphereLucy Ford$10.991-2 Days
82625702801RHY10/5/2018  ATMOSPHEREMI VIDA LOCAL -VINYL$29.991-2 Days
82625700082RHY2/10/2004  AtmosphereOvercast$10.991-2 Days
82625700942RHY6/24/2008  AtmosphereSad Clown Bad Spring # 12$7.991-2 Days
82625700912RHY12/18/2007  AtmosphereSad Clown Bad Winter # 11$7.992-10 Days
82625702621RHY7/27/2018  ATMOSPHERESAD CLOWN BAD YEAR (#9-#12 COLLECTION)$32.992-10 Days
82625700462RHY9/23/2003  AtmosphereSeven's Travels$10.991-2 Days
82625701802RHY5/6/2014  ATMOSPHERESOUTHSIDERS$10.992-10 Days
82625701801RHY5/6/2014  ATMOSPHERESOUTHSIDERS (DLCD) (COLV) - VINYL$26.991-2 Days
82625701232RHY10/12/2010  ATMOSPHERETO ALL MY FRIENDS BLOOD MAKES$10.992-10 Days
82625700962RHY4/22/2008  AtmosphereWhen Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit$10.992-10 Days
82625700692RHY10/4/2005  AtmosphereYou can't imagine how much fun we're having$10.991-2 Days