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Released: 6/8/2018
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
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Oregons modern purveyors of epic, cathartic doom, have crafted a unique and powerful body of work across a long career, solidifying their status as one of the genres great artistic forces. Long form doom songs with gradual builds and subtle shifts is generally not my cup of tea when seeking my doom fix, but theres something profoundly special and intriguing about YOBs crushingly intense yet beautiful music. It almost seems mastermind Mike Scheidt (Vhl) and co are intrinsically plugged into the purest spiritual essence of doom, deeply connecting the listener with the bands art. The eighth album, Our Raw Heart, follow-up to 2014s exceptional Clearing the Path to Ascend, drops with extra significance. The deeply personal and emotionally resonant charge that fuels YOBs music took on an even more harrowing and raw context than usual due to Scheidts grim battle to overcome a serious intestinal disease that threatened to take his life. Thankfully he was able to overcome the hardship and channel his raw experiences and heartfelt reflections into YOBs latest doom journey.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
61689216766PCO8/16/2011  YOBATMA$15.992-10 Days
78167672581RLP3/4/2014  YOBCATHARSIS - VINYL$22.992-10 Days
65503522902PCO9/2/2014  YOBCLEARING THE PATH TO ASCEND$16.992-10 Days
78167672691RLP9/16/2014  YOBCLEARING THE PATH TO ASCEND - VINYL$28.991-2 Days
60604118712CONS9/5/2005  YOBElaborations of Carbon$9.992-10 Days
88027028612PCO8/25/2009  YobGreat Cessation$15.992-10 Days
78167673802RLP12/8/2017  YOBGREAT CESSATION (REIS)$13.992-10 Days
78167673801RLP12/8/2017  YOBGREAT CESSATION (REIS) - VINYL$26.991-2 Days
80872001171CDW6/24/2014  YOBGREAT CESSATION - VINYL$22.992-10 Days
03984145152MET10/19/2004  YOBIllusion of motion$10.992-10 Days
78167674021RLP6/8/2018  YOBOUR RAW HEART - VINYL$27.991-2 Days
03984145372MET8/23/2005  YobUnreal never lived$10.992-10 Days
11105034035USEDCollectable Vinyl2/12/2019  YOBYOB (Ravens Eye Records)$49.952-10 Days