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Released: 7/20/2018
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
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Linked Horizon is a side project by Japanese composer Revo who is also the mastermind behind Sound Horizon, which focuses on telling epic stories and mixing classical music with metal elements and various other subgenres varying from Japanese pop music to Visual Kei. If you aren't familiar with Sound Horizon yet, you have missed out on an outstanding fusion of genres and should check out records like the epic Mrchen. The songs on this release were written for the Attack on Titan anime series which are one of the most popular but in my opinion also one of the least interesting series. Especially the live action adaptations aren't too spectacular. The soundtrack to this series is however quite interesting. Since these songs were quite chaotic with narrative passages in German and vocals in Japanese, I was more than surprised to learn that Dutch symphonic metal veterans Epica would cover these songs.I must say that I'm really impressed because the band did an outstanding job. Epica avoided the use of German and Japanese lyrics and stuck to English lyrics, making the songs easier to digest. The band made the overall sound of the tracks heavier but also more bombastic with its typical use of symphonic elements. Epica managed to make these songs their own and to make them more fluid, powerful and structured at the same time.



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