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Released: 12/7/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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Although the titles something of a misnomer, it does accurately sum up the vintage sentiments that give this album its common bond. Still, its a viable concept, especially given Mellencamps reputable stance as a heartland hero and blue collar troubadour. That is, of course, the tack hes taken for the better part of his career, ever since he shed the posturing of his initial incarnation as Johnny Cougar, rock star and raconteur. Its an anthology of sorts enveloped within the protest motif. Thats a fair assessment, especially since some of the songs here are drawn from outside sources. The lively roadway narrative Dark as a Dungeon was culled from a National Geographic special. The rugged blues and bluster of Eyes on the Prize was Mellencamps contribution to a White House gathering during the Obama era celebrating the Civil Rights movement. Gambling Bar Room Blues and I Dont Know Why I Love You were culled from tributes to Jimmie Rodgers and Stevie Wonder, respectively.


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60256772279UMV6/14/2019  MELLENCAMP JOHNBEST THAT I COULD DO 1978-1988 (COLV) (GOL) (LTD)$29.991-2 Days
60256772013UMV9/28/2018  MELLENCAMP JOHNBEST THAT I COULD DO 1978-1988 - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
73145367382UMV11/18/1997  Mellencamp JohnBest That I Could Do: 1976-1988$14.992-10 Days
11105087215USED6/2/2019  Mellencamp JohnBig daddy$5.951-2 Days
60249881238UMV5/24/2005  Mellencamp JohnBig daddy$8.991-2 Days
11103874505USED8/30/2014  Mellencamp JohnBig Daddy$4.951-2 Days
11103897395USED9/17/2014  Mellencamp JohnBig Daddy$4.951-2 Days
11104739095USED1/23/2018  Mellencamp JohnBig Daddy$4.951-2 Days
11105065825USED4/1/2019  Mellencamp JohnBig Daddy$4.951-2 Days
11104806315USED5/4/2018  Mellencamp JohnCuttin Heads$5.951-2 Days
11103918915USED10/8/2014  Mellencamp JohnCuttin Heads$5.951-2 Days
11103856815USED8/13/2014  Mellencamp JohnDance Naked$4.951-2 Days
11104496535USED1/27/2017  Mellencamp JohnDance Naked$4.951-2 Days
11105084015USED4/16/2019  Mellencamp JohnDance Naked$4.951-2 Days
11104968255USED10/26/2018  Mellencamp JohnFreedom's Road$5.951-2 Days
60251718006UMV1/23/2007  Mellencamp JohnFreedoms Road$12.992-10 Days
60249882350UMV7/19/2005  Mellencamp JohnHuman Wheels$9.991-2 Days
11104800425USED5/1/2018  Mellencamp JohnHuman Wheels$5.951-2 Days
60249880138UMV3/29/2005  Mellencamp JohnJohn Cougar$12.992-10 Days
11105072285USED4/12/2019  Mellencamp JohnJohn Cougar$4.951-2 Days
11105083715USED4/16/2019  Mellencamp JohnJohn Mellencamp$5.951-2 Days
88807231635COJ6/23/2009  Mellencamp JohnLife Death LIVE and Freedom$7.992-10 Days
88807230822UMV7/15/2008  Mellencamp JohnLife Death Love & Freedom (Dig)$16.992-10 Days
88807231646COJ6/23/2009  Mellencamp JohnLife Death Love and Freedom (2 CD)$19.992-10 Days
11105110455USED6/2/2019  Mellencamp JohnLonesome Jubilee$5.001-2 Days
11103932635USED10/27/2014  Mellencamp JohnMr Happy Go Lucky$5.951-2 Days
11103956095USED12/21/2014  Mellencamp JohnMr Happy Go Lucky$5.951-2 Days
11104318815USED4/22/2016  Mellencamp JohnMr Happy Go Lucky$5.951-2 Days
11103918435USED10/8/2014  Mellencamp JohnMr Happy Go Lucky$5.951-2 Days
01166132841UMV9/28/2010  MELLENCAMP JOHNNO BETTER THAN THIS$23.992-10 Days
01166132842UMV8/17/2010  MELLENCAMP JOHNNO BETTER THAN THIS$16.992-10 Days
11104756005USED2/20/2018  MELLENCAMP JOHNNO BETTER THAN THIS$6.951-2 Days
60256792641UMV12/21/2018  MELLENCAMP JOHNOTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF - VINYL$21.992-10 Days
60255718613UMV4/28/2017  MELLENCAMP JOHNSAD CLOWNS & HILLBILLIES$15.991-2 Days
60249881239UMV5/24/2005  Mellencamp JohnScarecrow$9.992-10 Days
88697248032SSP4/1/2008  Mellencamp JohnTrouble No More$8.992-10 Days
60249880141UMV3/29/2005  Mellencamp JohnUh Huh$8.992-10 Days
11105096015USED6/2/2019  MELLENCAMP JOHNUH-HUH$5.001-2 Days
11105100425USED5/10/2019  Mellencamp JohnWhenever We Wanted$2.951-2 Days