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Released: 7/13/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
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Scorpion, his fifth studio album, isnt entirely focused on the significance of fatherhood. Many of its 25 tracks are built around standard-issue Drake themesthe audacity of rappers who dare speak his name, the psychic toll associated with dating multiple beautiful women at once, people who use Instagram weirdlyand the hyper-topical nature of the lines regarding paternity suggest they were added to the album at the last-minute. But fatherhood hangs over Scorpion all the same, casting Drakes emotional immaturity into sharp relief. Hes never been more skilled as a technician or melodicist, and its remarkable how many of Scorpions 90 minutes are musically engaging. But the kind of juvenile navel-gazing that leads someone to write a line like, She say do you love me, I tell her only partly/I only love my bed and my mama, Im sorry is less compelling when its coming from a 31-year-old father than a would-be college kid trying to make a name for himself.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
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60254797345UMV11/4/2016  DRAKEIF YOU'RE READING THIS IT'S TOO LATE - VINYL$33.992-10 Days
60253752186UMV9/24/2013  DRAKENOTHING WAS THE SAME$15.991-2 Days
60253752188UMV9/24/2013  DRAKENOTHING WAS THE SAME - (Deluex Edition)$19.991-2 Days
60252719428UMV9/15/2009  DrakeSo Far Gone$14.991-2 Days
74391823692GROO1/17/2017  DRAKESO FAR GONE $28.992-10 Days
60252783262UMV11/15/2011  DRAKETAKE CARE$18.991-2 Days
60252786796UMV12/13/2011  DRAKETAKE CARE$24.992-10 Days
60252739531UMV6/15/2010  DRAKETHANK ME LATER$15.992-10 Days
60254792589UMV5/6/2016  DRAKEVIEWS - PA Copy$15.991-2 Days
60254797336UMV11/4/2016  DRAKEVIEWS - VINYL$33.992-10 Days