Item# 60256778733
Released: 8/10/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CAPITOL-UNI (CAPU)
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Year of the Snitch makes it easier to see how their essence may have leached into todays serrated musical landscape. The convergence of nu-metal and SoundCloud rap mightve happened anywaysame with the bonkers, jump-cutting metalcore of bands like Code Orange and Veinbut its possible to hear their groundbreaking 2012 album The Money Store as a soft launch for what was to comea context to understand the kind of heavy music either associated with high-intensity CrossFit or Mountain Dew-fueled eSports. Even still, Death Grips sonic signature is so completely their own that it cant be evoked with anything short of parody. It proves to be very adaptable to an increasingly diffuse number of sounds on Year of the Snitch. Mid-90s drum n bass beats with shoegaze guitars? Death Grips is Online will certainly try to create a Dreamcast Teenage Riot. What if Death Grips went rockabilly? is a question nobody was probably asking, but god bless Disappointed for giving us the answer. Is Streaky MC Rides stab at trap-rap or a strip club anthem? Its hard to tell from its actual lyrics, but when the album threatens total abstraction, thats where a drummer as expressive and destructive as Zach Hill grounds the sound into something resembling a band playing a song.



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