Item# 60256740826
Released: 6/29/2018
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
Price: $14.99   (2 in stock)
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Now, three years since the release of their last album, Venom, BFMV have returned with Gravity, which will be released June 29th on Spinefarm Records. In the years since their last album, the band has had a chance to refocus their energies and re-calibrate their approach. With Tuck as the primary songwriter, the journey that takes place on Gravity feels very personal and connected, but how does it stack up against classic BFMV?In Leap Of Faith, BFMV is stating their intention from the onset. The album is very much a leap of faith for Tuck and the journey he and the band have been on since Venom. It marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band and their approach to songwriting. As many bands often discover the hard way, fans are not always forgiving of a band changing its sound or direction. So in Leap Of Faith, when Tuck sings Jump into the fire and Fill your lungs/Inhale the future/Now scream it out, it could be seen as the band jumping in feet first into this new album and taking it all in, come Hell or high water.



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