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Released: 8/24/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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While UK multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood has previously worked with American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) on two of his solo albums (2012s Blues Funeral and 2017s Gargoyle), With Animals is their second release on equal billing. It follows on as a natural evolution to Black Pudding (2013), with a similar minimalist approach to instrumentation. However, this time around its with even more sparseness forcing a newfound intent focus on Lanegans wistful and weathered baritone. An overall pure and enjoyable outing, it features a tighter, more structured and mature songwriting style coupled with brilliant production carrying a rich analogue warmth which permeates every corner of the albums 12 tracks. Its an eight track cassette tape machine, explains Garwood. Studio tracks got put through the tape to wring out the digital elements All effects on the record are genuinely analogue, with love. With dust.Album opener Save Me is ushered in by a steady electronic drum beat with its high end frequency rolled off, in similar manner to Roller Skates by Nick Hakim (2017). Layered guitar and Mellotron flute parts creep in before Lanegans vocals kick off at the 54 second mark. Free me, save me, see me, love me, he intones in a seductive and hypnotic call-and-response. The song is basically made up of two alternating sections the second bringing an air of mystique, with an evolving riff starting with come on now night time children, sing your own harmony.


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