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Released: 4/20/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: BMG - ADA (BMT)
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Still led by founding guitarist Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide) and vocalist Maynard James Keenan, Los Angeles outfit A Perfect Circle has always been viewed as the latters most accessible projectand for good reason. Eat the Elephant is the first new and original APC album since 2003s Thirteenth Step. Additionally, it finds Howerdel performing nearly all of the instruments. According to band lore, he recently reunited with Keenan after being cryogenically frozen as part of an experimental partnership between the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Dairy Queen; sardonic humor asideincluding the albums title being both a jab at current politics and a possible nod to the indefinitely delayed new Tool album as, you know, the elephant in the roomHowerdel justly sees this latest collection as their finest work to date. Packed with gorgeously chilling arrangements and MJKs skill at delivering circumspect, yet optimistic, look[s] at the world's current state of affairs with riled delicacy, its a ceaselessly gripping journey.


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72435441150VIR11/16/2004  Perfect CircleAmotion$23.992-10 Days
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11104973115USED11/2/2018  Perfect CircleEmotive$6.951-2 Days
72438666871VIR1/11/2005  Perfect CircleEmotive$24.991-2 Days
72438666872VIR11/2/2004  Perfect CircleEmotive$16.991-2 Days
72435995839VIR5/4/2004  Perfect CircleLost in the Bermuda Triangle$9.992-10 Days
72438492532VIR5/23/2000  Perfect CircleMer De Noms$15.991-2 Days
72438492531CAP9/16/2008  Perfect CircleMer De Noms (180 Gram 2 LP)$33.992-10 Days
72435809181VIR9/16/2003  Perfect CircleThirteenth Step$24.991-2 Days
72435809182VIR9/16/2003  Perfect CircleThirteenth Step$16.992-10 Days
72435834392CAPU10/8/2003  PERFECT CIRCLETHIRTEENTH STEP$14.992-10 Days
11104985645USED11/18/2018  PERFECT CIRCLETHREE SIXTY$6.951-2 Days
60253755207UMV11/19/2013  PERFECT CIRCLETHREE SIXTY$14.991-2 Days