Item# 19075898042
Released: 11/30/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SONY MUSIC (SNY)
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If the title of Earl Sweatshirts long-awaited third studio album feels like hes underselling it, its because he is. Hes intentionally reducing the magnitude of an offering from one of the most lauded artists of the decade from a grand gesture to a gift with no wrapping. The rapper born Thebe Kgositsiles worst enemy isand has always beenour collective expectations and the entitlement that comes along with them. Its always been Earl versus the world. Fame found him at the age of 16, making him an internet sensation, then a meme, then an enigma, and finally, an icon. For an introverted kid who knew he could rap but was reluctant to accept the exposure and invasions of privacy that came with being a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, its been an uncomfortable evolution. Voracious fans threatened to consume not just his music but his personal life too. That same entitlement caused the FREE EARL campaign to mutate from eager appreciation to scary obsession and stoked fans demand for music during the three years since his last albumeven as he was mourning his fathers death earlier this year. Rather than bask in the attention, he recoiled from it, setting himself apart from peers who maintain relevance through carefully strategized ubiquity. As he receded from the spotlight, his mystique grewas did fans desire to hear him to do what he does best.



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