Item# 09362490603
Released: 8/3/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: WARNER BROS (WBR)
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Abandoning the party pop-rap antics in favor of a more neo-soul and psychedelic posture, Miller accentuates hues of jazz-rap found on 2016s The Divine Feminine on his latest album, Swimming. However, Miller throws out the love-filled hedonism of his prior release in favor of a mood rendered darker and more internal. Just days after his high-profile relationship with Ariana Grande ended, Mac Miller was arrested on suspicion of a DUI and fleeing the scene of a wreck where he crashed his car into a tree. With a struggle with substance abuse, Miller saw his life spiraling out of control. Drowning in a pool full of regret and loneliness is expressed in the albums opener, Come Back to Earth: My regrets/ Look like texts/ I shouldnt send. Miller is at his most vulnerable point. After releasing The Divine Feminine, a record with brimming love and affection toward his now-ex, its surprising to see Miller in such a deepened and depressed state.



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